is a private IP address that acts as a default gateway that gives us access to the router that connects the internet with our devices. IP Address is a pre-specified address for every user to get access to their router settings.

If any user wants to make any settings to their router, devices attached to his internet connection, or to the internet itself, this IP address is where they can make all the changes.

How to Login to

To access all these router settings, you must log in to Every user has a specified username and password that he can use to log in to his router. We have shared a complete guide on how to log into this address. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First, open your web browser, and in the URL panel, type or
  • A login page will be shown on your display, asking you for a username and password.
  • In the designated spaces, type your login username and password.
  • After entering your details, you will be logged in to your router’s admin panel.

Also, you should use another IP address if you cannot get the login page by Usually, the ones are and

Forgot the IP Address Username and Password 

To login to your router admin panel, you must know the login username and password. Without this information, the address will not allow you entry. Most of the time, the username and password are on the back of the router. This one is the default.

Some users change their username later or have their Password Changed by the internet provider. So, if you can no longer get into your router’s admin panel, you must rest the router settings. We have listed the steps below.

  • There will be a small reset button on the back of your router.
  • The space will be very small, only enough for a paperclip or needle to go through.
  • Hold this rest button for 10 to 15 seconds or until you hear a beep sound and all the routers light up.
  • Now, the router will be reset to its default settings, and you can log in to the admin panel with the default details.

Changing Routers IP Address

As mentioned earlier, is a common and default IP address for internet routers. This increases the risk of hacking and a third person taking over your router setting. So, to control this problem, we can change our router’s IP address.

The setting for changing the router IP address differs for every router company. We have discussed the changing process of the three most commonly used routers.


To change the IP address on TP-Link routers, follow the following process.

  • Go to the TP Link address on your browser.
  • Log in to your admin panel by providing the username and password.
  • Open the advanced setting section on the panel.
  • Look for the network options and, in there, the LAN.
  • Click on the IP Address field and write your customized address.
  • At last, save the settings.


Steps to change the IP address on D-Link routers are shared below.

  • To change the IP address of the D-link router, log in to your admin panel.
  • Go to the setup section and open the network settings.
  • Find the router IP address field.
  • Write your preferred IP address in the writing section and save it at the end.


Follow the steps below to change the IP address of your NETGEAR router.

  • To get into NETGEAR’s admin panel, we can use the address.
  • We can also use the address like routerlogin.net or routerlogin.com for NETGEAR routers.
  • Once the admin login panel is open, go to the advanced settings.
  • They open the LAN setup in the settings log for the setup section.
  • In the LAN TCP/IP setup, you will see an IP Address. Click on it.
  • Now, change the IP address to your choice and save the settings.


Your internet router is the direct pathway to your internet access and personal information, so you must take the necessary steps to prevent unauthorized access. Changing the IP Address is a helpful measure to keep your router safe from third-party access.